OK..hey all
Enough is enough
」Too much is as bad as to too little"
No more "om telolet om" my ig
It is bother to communicate with fan
and make them dizzy
I want to heard&Say&Feel
True story of my fan and you.

If U wanna hope to say that "om telolet om"
Put it in my pic written the "omanibanmehm"
you can write 」om-」 again and again
That is OK.There is ur playground pic 😃

But. this Pic or Pic from tomorrow, another pic
Stop it. Would u do that?
Thank u for your help

U don't have to apologize to me. do not say sorry
just fine. That is all😙

#i'm fine#thankyou
#짧은영어실력으로 말하려니 힘드네 ㅋ

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