[Chuckle]今晚參加了必勝客水晶盛宴,超開心的!好想把那個水晶比薩帶回家。還第一次嘗試做了「耀」分享四重奏批薩。很適合選擇困難症的我!快去@必勝客歡樂餐廳 嘗一嘗,還會收穫施華洛世奇元素限量手鏈。#必勝客新年耀分享#
Had a great night at Pizza Hut crystal gala dinner, really wanted to take the crystal pizza home with me! I even got to make a 4 in 1 pizza for the first time, which is good for me because I have a hard time deciding.[擠眼]Head on down to pizza hut to get ur own limited Swaroviski bracelet!

LINE it!
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