2018 ANDY’s Birthday Fanmeeting ‘낮앤,밤앤’ Ticket Guide And Seat Plan

Date: 20th January, 2018 (SAT) 1st 14:00 / 2nd 18:00
Place: Dongduk Women University 100th anniversary Memorial Hall
Ticket Open: 14th December, 2017 (THU) PM8:00 ~ 17th (SUN) PM11:59
Ticket Price: A.Ticket+Day,Night set 120,000 won / B.Ticket 77,000 won

* Ticket of the show is composed of A - goods included - and B - goods excluded.
* Tickets for the first show and the second will be opened simultaneously.
* 4 tickets per person will be allowed for the ticket reservation.
* A composition is a package discounted goods. Day,Night set will sold individually later on at fixed price (50,000won).

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