【throat 相關表達】
1.告訴醫生:I have a sore throat. My throat hurts. (我嗓子疼)。My throat is swollen. 我嗓子腫。My throat is dry. 我嗓子干。
2.清一下嗓子是 clear one's throat. 比如開會前,The manager cleared his throat to get everyone's attention. 經理清了一下嗓子,引起大家注意。
3.a lump in one's throat 哽咽。The movie brought a lump to my throat. 這電影看得我鼻子酸酸的。I can't listen to that song without getting a lump in my throat. It just brings everything back. 每次聽到那首歌,我就感覺鼻子酸酸的,往事歷歷在目。
4.shove sth down one's throat. 強迫某人接受。I don't want to go to college and you can't shove it down my throat. 我不要去上大學,你不能強迫我。

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