Being in a position to invite Chicago high school students to Harvard University to attend Pitch Black』s inaugural event this year was a huge moment for me. They worked with university students to develop actionable solutions to address current issues in Chicago. It is important that our youth know they can achieve anything they put their minds to, and I』m honored to help them visualize their future.
- 能夠邀請到芝加哥的中學生到哈佛大學參与Pitch Black開幕活動是今年對於我而言一個非常有意義的時刻.他們與大學生一起合作,共同研製針對芝加哥目前存在的問題的可行解決方案.讓我們的年輕人知道只要努力就可以成就任何事是非常重要的,同時我也非常榮幸能夠幫助他們看到未來.

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