I wanna thank my brother @Jimmy_Butler for keeping his word and coming to my basketball camp in New Lenox. This camp had over 500 kids from all around the world attend and No rumor, no trade, no nothing can come between a bond. That's what we've built. Thanks again 21 Savage and that first dinner in Minnesota will be on you. I hit the half court shot first. Cheater! - 我想感謝Jimmy信守承諾來到我在New Lenox的籃球訓練營,這個訓練營有超過500個從世界各地來的孩子參加,沒有謠言、交易、捆綁打包,這就是我們打造的。感謝21 Savage,來明尼蘇達第一頓晚飯肯定就和你了,我第一次投進中場投籃,騙子!

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