Sometimes we meet people and at that exact moment we're not ready to even meet them. That's how I met unlawfullady BUT iam thankful that I gave her that chance and what she has done with it~has been nothing short of inspiring and incredible. I wanna say Happy Birthday to the one and only Cali(She hates me spelling her name that way but I'm the BOSS) thank you for working tirelessly and unselfishly on not only helping me build my fashion empire but being family and being there when ANYONE in this TEAM/Family needs you. We are all better because of your light. Love!!!! - 有時候我們會相遇在我們還沒有準備好要相遇的時候,這就是我和愛人的相遇,但我很感謝我給了她機會並且她做得很棒,我想要說生日快樂給我唯一的Cali(她討厭我這麼拼寫她的名字但我是老大),很感謝你無私並且不知疲倦的工作,不止幫助我打造我的時尚帝國還在家人和團隊需要你的時候站出來。我們都因你而變得更好,愛你!

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