This is what Year 15 looks like for ud40 and I. The last ones to leave the locker room because we had to finish our bottle of champagne first. Cheers to us for making it this long in a league that was told wasn』t for either of us. I love this man beyond measures. Cheers 🥂 my brother. You are an inspiration! - 這就是我和哈斯勒姆的第15年,最晚離開更衣室因為我們不得不喝完我們的香檳先,慶祝我們在這個聯盟呆了那麼久並且還是別人告訴我們的,我喜歡這傢伙超越了預估,乾杯我的兄弟,你是一種激勵

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