Congrats to my lil bro Victor Oladipo on the contract extension. It seems like yesterday we were on the White House lawn while you were in high school and you were asking me questions about Coach Tom Crean...Wondering should you go to Indiana or not. Looks like you made the right choice kid! Proud of you on so many levels and I can't wait to watch you blossom into the star that you are. - 恭喜我的兄弟Victor Oladipo續約。我們在白宮草坪上的事彷彿還是昨天,你那個時候還在讀高中,你問我Coach Tom教練的事...在考慮要不要去印第安納大學讀書。看來你的選擇是正確的!我為你感到驕傲,也等不及要看你成為大明星了

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