The holidays for my family and I for the last 14 years has been about others. It's a great time to put aside the things in our lives that we perceive as big problems or issues. It's a time to help the ones that are going thru things that are really real life BIG problems. My 3 under the tree event for Wade's World Foundation was once again awesome. This time taking place in my hometown of Chicago. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in helping us create a very special holiday for other family's that needed us! - 過去14年裡我和我的家人一直在節日中幫助別人。這是一個很好的機會來放下在我們的生活中那些我們認為很重要的事情,來幫助那些正在經歷磨難,連生存都成問題的人們。Wade's World Foundation中的「3 under the tree」項目這一次也做的很棒,這一次是在我的家鄉芝加哥。感謝每一位幫助我們為那些需要幫助的人們創造了一個非常特別的節日的人

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