Feeling very honored to be chosen by the fans to play in this year's All-Star alongside some of the most talented guys in the game. For those of you who might not be on court but still want to ride like an All Star, eHi is giving one lucky fan a free luxury car rental. All you gotta do is click the link for a trivia game. Have a great weekend, and enjoy the show!
#2017NBA全明星周末#開賽在即,大家準備好了嗎?希望你們享受比賽,為我和隊友加油助威。在觀看比賽的同時,你們可以參加一嗨租車的全明星有獎競猜,免費體驗豪車的機會在等著你們。@一嗨租車  http://t.cn/RJQ4UIO

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