可降解一次性塑料袋 throwaway bio-degradable plastic bags
放射性廢料積存 accumulation of radioactive waste
有機污染物 organic pollutants
氰化物、 砷、汞排放 cyanide, arsenic, mercury discharged
鉛、鎘、六價鉻 lead, cadmium, sexivalent chromium
城市垃圾無害化處理率 decontamination rate of urban refuse
垃圾填埋場 refuse landfill
垃圾焚化廠 refuse incinerator
防止過度利用森林 protect forests from overexploitation
森林砍伐率 rate of deforestation
水土流失 water and soil erosion
土壤鹽鹼化 soil alkalization
農藥殘留 pesticide residue
水土保持 conservation of water and soil
生態農業 environment-friendly agriculture; eco-agriculture
水資源保護區 water resource conservation zone
海水淡化 sea water desalinization
保護珊瑚礁、紅樹林和漁業資源 protect coral reefs, mangrove and fishing resource
綠化祖國 turn the country green
全民義務植樹日 National Tree-Planting Day
造林工程 afforestation project
綠化面積 afforested areas; greening space
森林覆蓋率 forest coverage
防風林 wind breaks (防沙林 sand breaks)
速生林 fast-growing trees
降低資源消耗率 slow down the rate of resource degradation
開發可再生資源 develop renewable resources
環保產品 environment-friendly products
自然保護區 nature reserve
野生動植物 wild fauna and flora
保護生存環境 conserve natural habitats
瀕危野生動物 endangered wildlife
中國環保基本方針 China's guiding principles for environmental protection
堅持環境保護基本國策 adhere to the basic state
policy of environmental protection
推行可持續發展戰略 pursue the strategy of sustainable development
貫徹經濟建設、城鄉建設、環境建設同步規劃、同步實施、同步發展(三同步)的方針 carry out a
strategy of synchronized planning, implementation and development in terms of economic and urban and rural development and environmental protection (the 「three synchronizes」 principle)
促進經濟體制和經濟增長方式的轉變 promote fundamental shifts in the economic system and mode of economic growth
實現經濟效益、社會效益和環境效益的統一 bring about harmony of economic returns and contribution to society and environmental protection
中國環保基本政策 the basic policies of China's environmental protection
預防為主、防治結合的政策 policy of prevention in the first place and integrating prevention with control
污染者負擔的政策 「the-polluters-pay」 policy
強化環境管理的政策 policy of tightening up environmental management
一控雙達標政策 policy of 「One Order, Two Goals」:
「一控」:12種工業污染物的排放量控制在國家規定的排放總量 The total discharge of 12 industrial pollutants in China by the end of 2000 shall not exceed the total amount mandated by the central government.;
「雙達標」: 到2000年底,全國所有的工業污染源要達到國家或地方規定的污染物排放標準 The discharge of industrial pollutants should meet both national and local standards by the
對新項目實行環境影響評估 conduct environmental impact assessments (EIA) on start-up projects
提高全民環保意識 raise environmental awareness amongst the general public
查處違反環保法規案件 investigate and punish acts of violating laws and regulations on environmental protection
環保執法檢查 environmental protection law enforcement inspection
限期治理 undertake treatment within a prescribed limit of time
中國已加入的國際公約 international conventions into which China has accessed
控制危險廢物越境轉移及其處置的巴塞爾公約 Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal
關於消耗臭氧層物質的蒙特利爾議定書 Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer
生物多樣性公約 Convention on Biological Diversity
防治荒漠化國際公約 Convention to Combat Desertification
氣候變化框架公約 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
生態示範區 eco-demonstration region; environment-friendly region
國家級生態示範區(珠海) Nationally Designated Eco-Demonstration Region
國家級園林城市 Nationally Designated
Garden City
對水質和空氣質量的影響 impact on the quality of the water and the air
治理環境污染 curb environmental pollution; bring the pollution under control
海藻 mostly in polluted waters)
工業固體廢物 industrial solid wastes
白色污染 white pollution (by using and littering of non-degradable white plastics)
珍稀瀕危物種繁育基地 rare and endangered species breeding center
自然生態系統 natural ecosystems
防止沙漠化(治沙、抗沙) desertification
環境負荷 carrying capacity of environment
三廢綜合利用 multipurpose use of three types of wastes
先天與後天,遺傳與環境 nature-nurture
美化環境 landscaping design for environmental purposes
防止沿海地帶不可逆轉惡化 protect coastal zones from irreversible degradation
環境惡化 environmental degradation
城市化失控 uncontrolled urbanization
溫飽型農業 subsistence agriculture
貧困的惡性循環 vicious cycle of poverty
大氣監測系統 atmospheric monitoring system
空氣污染濃度 air pollution concentration
酸雨、越境空氣污染 acid rain and transboundary air pollution
二氧化硫排放 sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions
懸浮顆粒物 suspended particles
工業粉塵排放 industrial dust discharged
煙塵排放 soot emissions
二氧化氮 nitrate dioxide (NO2)
礦物燃料(煤、石油、天然氣) fossil fuels: coal, oil, and natural gas
清潔能源 clean energy
汽車尾氣排放 motor vehicle exhaust
尾氣凈化器 exhaust purifier
無鉛汽油 lead-free gasoline
天然氣汽車 gas-fueled vehicles
電動汽車 cell-driven vehicles; battery cars
氯氟烴 CFCs <BR>溫室效應 greenhouse effect
厄爾尼諾南徊 ENSO (El Nino Southern Oscillation)
噪音 noise (分貝 db; decibel)
化學需氧量(衡量水污染程度的一個指標) COD;chemical oxygen demand
生物需氧量 BOD; biological oxygen demand
工業廢水處理率 treatment rate of industrial effluents
城市污水處理率 treatment rate of domestic sewage
集中處理廠 centralized treatment plant

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