Inglewood STANDUP! I never wanted to be put in a box when I was younger and I still have that same mindset. I'm changing the narrative and it's feels great. I want to thank my family, watchstadium and everyone that was involved with this project. I told my mom last night and she started crying. Then I remembered the time she told me a story about when she gave me over to God/universe because she was going through hard times. Look at US now beautiful! Your baby boy stepped out his so called lane and became a Award Winning Producer lol. 能以製作人的身份能獲得艾美獎實在是太棒了!我想藉此機會感謝我的家人,我的團隊,以及所有為紀錄片「Pooh」付出的人。昨晚,當我和我媽媽分享這個好消息的時候,她喜極而泣,也讓我想起了她曾經告訴過我她因為生活太過於艱難而將我託付給主的故事。再看看我們現在有多美好!你的寶貝孩子在今天成為了一名獲獎的製作人哈哈哈!

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