What is your Personal Legend??? Are you still searching for your treasure or are you still content with working at the crystal shop... This experience we call life will always challenge you to your core. Especially if you are trying to master your craft. You got to have a special group of people to vent to and leave it there. Don't hold on to those emotions. Don't bitch or complain about the journey becuz the story is already WRITTEN. Hate, jealousy, spurious love will always be around the corner. They want you to STOP at that chapter lol. Shake that shit off and smile becuz you are a blessing. You』re breathing shorty! Stop forcing shit and Sail your way through this beautiful experience. Stop Rowing!!! Other hoopers always used to tell me that if I ever had the chance to play in the MECCA go for it. I』m getting a second chance.... Got to make this one count. But I'm built for it. What』s Pooh spelled backwards???? The is just in my blood. Peace and Love King and Queens.

LINE it!